May 6, 2015


To get a better perspective about what a common man feels about good governance and what government and policy makers feel and opinion of the industry, we have successfully organized FIRST POINT OUT SUMMIT on GOOD GOVERNANCE FOR FUTURE INDIA.

We are also of the firm belief that as a nation and 1.25 billion people of India have tremendous talent and strength to be a world leader. To achieve this we need to address some serious issues that have been plaguing our system and stuntning our growth since independence.  This cannot be achieved without Good Governance as our Prime Minister emphasized. For us Good Governance means not only the policy makers and planners but also the implementers and the beneficiary at the end. Without inclusive and active participation of the last man in the queue nothing can be achieved.

The excerpts of the SUMMIT are as follows-

Manoj Sinha

Minister of State for Railways

Today everybody in the country and the world over has been talking about good governance. The important issue during the Lok Sabha election campaign was corruption and good governance. The word ‘corruption’ has not even been blow since the Modi government came to power. The railway ministry wants people travel in trains out of willingness and not out of compulsion. As of now our priority is to provide double link, triple link tracks. We also want to increase the speed of trains including passenger and freight trains. Railway services will have to be modernized to meet people’s expectations and the network needs to be expanded. We are trying to do make railways run better.

Shiv Khera

Author, Educator, Motivational & Corporate Trainer

There is no redressal  system, how do you talk of Good Governance system. Many time peoples say there is criminalization of politics, you tell me if judiciary had done the job right could you have even one criminal in parliament. You could never ever even one criminal in the parliament and that means the big questions is How clean is our judiciary?

Maithli Sharan Gupta

Special Director General of Police Railways

General Railway Police (GRP) in Madhya Pradesh has come out with an application to ensure passenger safety and report about crime on moving train in an instant. The app will be helpful to all passengers and they can file a complaint on a real time basis and GRP personnel would approach them victims at the next station. Rightly said that Good Governance and especially to taking help of the e-governance could be a great source of empowerment for the passengers security. So basically Good Governance by making use of technology and we can really empower our citizen.

Chhavi Rajawat

Women Sarpanch

My village SODA in Rajasthan had not seen much development in the twenty years prior to my being elected as Sarpanch. My purpose in agreeing to become the Sarpanch was to play the role of a facilitator i.e. help, bridge the gap between the government and the village and provide a medium to the government to showcase success of its schemes. In addition, also bridge the gap between the private sector and the village to receive support in areas where government is unable to provide a solution.  I wish our system were made accountable in ensuring efficient disbursement of funds that rarely happens.

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